The A-Team Caching - Recently-released Souvenirs

These are the 25 most recently-released souvenirs.


Specific Caches
Mega/Giga Events

NameCriteriaStart DateEnd Date
Bosnia and HerzegovinaFind a cache in Bosnia and Herzegovina18 Sep 2019
2019 Metro Gathering ~ Pirates of Port RoyaleGC803PR14 Sep 2019
GeocoinFest Europe 2019GC7TTNT7 Sep 2019
CITO 2019 Season 2Attend a CITO Event1 Sep 201930 Nov 2019
Praga AstronomicaGC7HVBE31 Aug 2019
Welcome To Belgium 2019GC7TT1031 Aug 2019
Streak Week: August 2019Find a cache or attend an event each day for 7 days25 Aug 201931 Aug 2019
Geocaching Party 2019 - Warszawskie LegendyGC7R4J524 Aug 2019
Europa in B├╝ren 28-1GC7N1HZ24 Aug 2019
CubaFind a cache in Cuba21 Aug 2019
WSGA's Going Ape XGC82RVV18 Aug 2019
Event am See 2019 / Event at the Lake 2019GC7WGBB17 Aug 2019
International Geocaching Day 2019Find a cache or attend an event17 Aug 2019
Love Love... AroucaGC7W2HP17 Aug 2019
2019 Discover L&A County Geocaching EventGC7V62517 Aug 2019
Aberdeenshire UK Mega 2019GC7WEP410 Aug 2019
West Bend $1000 Cache Ba$h 2019GC7X7H410 Aug 2019
Lost in MV - MACH 3GC7XEEX3 Aug 2019
Piratemania 12GC7Z9YH3 Aug 2019
GeoTour: Experience AeschiExperience Aeschi GeoTour29 Jul 2019
Midwest Geobash 2019 - 15th Year!GC7TH1A27 Jul 2019
MEGA-Phone 8GC84M8327 Jul 2019
GeoTour: Explore FullyExplore Fully GeoTour27 Jul 2019
GeoTour: #expLOReTaos#expLOReTaos GeoTour23 Jul 2019
C-Mass Geofest 2019GC7W3EQ20 Jul 2019