The A-Team Caching - Events in a State/Province/Country (Basic Members)

Basic Members can search for upcoming events, but only within a maximum 30-mile/50-kilometre radius of a point.

1. Enter the desired centre-point in the main search field.  You can enter a city/town name, street address, zip/postal code, or a combination of these.  The geocoding service that will convert your search text to a set of coordinates may not recognize what you type in at first, so you may need to add or subtract pieces of information until it can find a matching location.

You can also enter a GC code here, but keep in mind that it will only be using that GC code's location as the centre-point for the search.

TIP: You can enter "Home" in the main search field to perform a search centred on the home coordinates you set in your account details.

Main Search Field

2. To limit the search to only Events, click "Deselect all", then tick "Event".  Click "Search" to apply the filter.


3. The results will default to sort with the nearest to the centre-point of the search at the top.