The A-Team Caching - Caches By a Portion of the Name

  • NOTE
  • You cannot use this function to search the entire world.  The search must be limited by at least one of the following:
    • Specific point
    • Hidden By
    • Search Only In...
    • I've Found
    • I Own
    • Has Corrected Coordinates
    • Has Personal Cache Note
    The following instructions assume you want to search within a state, province, or country (ie. "Search Only In...").

1. Leave the main search field blank.  That field is only used when searching around a single point, which isn't what we want to do here.

Main Search Field Blank

2. Enter the portion of the cache name you want to search for in the "Geocache Name Contains..." field.  To choose which region to search within, click in the "Search Only In..." field and begin typing the name of the region.  Once you see the desired region in the suggested options, click it.  Click "Search" to apply these filters.

Headquarters in Washington