The A-Team Caching - All Upcoming Souvenirs

These are all of the souvenirs that are either scheduled or likely to be released, but have not yet been released.


Specific Caches
Mega/Giga Events

NameCriteriaStart DateEnd Date
CITO Week, September 2017Attend a CITO Event23 Sep 20171 Oct 2017
Marne Et Gondoire Aventure - Paris 2017GC6B3B430 Sep 2017
Going Caching 2017: Spy GamesGC6VT457 Oct 2017
International EarthCache Day 2017Find an EarthCache7 Oct 20178 Oct 2017
Geocoinfest 2017... Welcome Aboard!GC6PVZW14 Oct 2017
2017 Metro Gathering ~ The Legend of Sleepy HollowGC6X09Y28 Oct 2017
Halloween Hoopla XIIIGC6KBHH28 Oct 2017
Mega Sweden FAD 2017GC6Y50E4 Nov 2017
|OFZE2017| 10th anniversaryGC6D6YA11 Nov 2017
The Alexandra Event 2017GC6GFDX18 Nov 2017
S*W*A*G's Yuma Mega #15GC721Y011 Feb 2018
16th Annual TXGA Texas Challenge & FestivalGC71QAW10 Mar 2018
Hoorns Cache Event 2018GC7222P17 Mar 2018
MOGA 2018GC701KJ14 Apr 2018
Stashes 'n' StonesGC6MEGA12 May 2018
ASP Geobash 2018GC76H4519 May 2018
Vikingevent 2018GC7600019 May 2018
Auf einen Sprung ins Vogtland ...GC70ZBV26 May 2018
GeoWoodstock 2018GC5AX1526 May 2018
Terezin games 2018GC7B1WC2 Jun 2018
Cachen im ❤ Herzen der Städteregion 2GC72XN623 Jun 2018
Summer, Sun & Fun 2018GC6V0JF7 Jul 2018
Berkshire Geobash #7GC739AN21 Jul 2018
MEGA-Phone 📢 VIIGC3FHD721 Jul 2018
10th Anniversary UK Mega Event - Yorkshire 2018GC7ABCC4 Aug 2018
Project Märchenhaft in Kassel 👑GC6R2Y84 Aug 2018
West Bend $1000 Cache Ba$h 2018GC7BFTG11 Aug 2018
Randers Fjord Event 2018GC77YRJ18 Aug 2018