The A-Team Caching - Recently-released Souvenirs

These are the 25 most recently-released souvenirs.


Specific Caches
Mega/Giga Events

NameCriteriaStart DateEnd Date
The Lost Treasure of Mary Hyde - Mary Hyde: Ahoy Me Hearties!Attend or host an event15 Jul 201716 Jul 2017
Midwest Geobash 2017GC6R9J115 Jul 2017
Porvoo CacheCon 2017GC6QQN715 Jul 2017
Géolympiades #2 - Lapalud, Vaucluse, ProvenceGC6NW528 Jul 2017
Skola v prirode - Vysoke TatryGC6PP2N1 Jul 2017
Where in the world is Signal? Canada Day 2017Attend an Event1 Jul 20172 Jul 2017
CanadaFind a cache in Canada28 Jun 2017
Cachen im ❤ Herzen der StädteregionGC6W2GB24 Jun 2017
Tri-Cities 2017 Geocoin ChallengeGC6MGZP24 Jun 2017
Misto cinu: Praha 2017 / Crime Scene: Prague 2017GC6W80M24 Jun 2017
Midnight Sun GeocachingGC6Q3PV17 Jun 2017
GeoNord 2017 - OxygenGC69XKT10 Jun 2017
Randers Fjord Event 2017GC6RCZ810 Jun 2017
Terezin games 2017GC6RX2H3 Jun 2017
Vikingevent 2017GC6J44N3 Jun 2017
Maije im SaarlandGC6666627 May 2017
GeoWoodstock XVGC6HGXV27 May 2017
TipiTipiTap IIGC6Q0VN20 May 2017
ASP Geobash XIIGC6WW5220 May 2017
Event am Meer 2017GC6HV296 May 2017
Blue Switch Day 2017Find a cache or attend an event2 May 2017
Lisbon AdvenTour 2017GC6GFYR29 Apr 2017
The Kent Mega 2017GC6JGZC29 Apr 2017
Reims 2017, Le Sacre de SignalGC6CPBK29 Apr 2017
3 million active geocaches: Thank you!Own a non-archived cache as of an unknown time on April 24, 201724 Apr 2017